Americans donated an estimated $428 billion to charities in 2018 according to the annual Giving USA report on philanthropy. That was a record in dollar terms, though it represented a 1.5% decline from 2017 when adjusting for inflation.

In many respects, we are the wealthiest and most privileged society in human history. Yet even in our richest cities, vast amounts of poverty still exist, all the more glaring because it’s clear that more could be done to help them.

Living an active lifestyle and taking steps to bolster your mental health are two of the best methods we know of to dramatically improve your overall wellbeing. For centuries, the West largely ignored yoga and meditation, two popular Eastern practices…

An Interview with Peter Schieffelin Nyberg

Due to his success in the digital healthcare arena, Peter Nyberg challenged himself to succeed by becoming an entrepreneur in 2002. He opened 21CD, a digital marketing business.

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