Peter Nyberg Greets Immigrants at the Door

As CFO of the Camino Community Center, Peter Nyberg, Peter’s primary concern is aiding the oblivious in financial affairs. The community center works with low-income families of every assortment, across every ethnic spectrum, but focuses primarily on the Latin immigrant community. In 2013, the average income of the Hispanic community was an unacceptable $26,000. The average income of Americans is currently over $31,000. This gap has caused a lot of socio-political turbulence, which is why closing this wage gap is such an important part of the movement for equality. The nation is still reeling and healing from the anti-immigration policy of the Trump administration. Hispanic families need assistance with the transition to American living now more than ever.

Could you imagine moving to a new country for opportunity and to escape oppression, only to have literal and figurative walls erected to stop you? It is difficult enough to start over at a new job, let alone take on an entirely new life. Immigrants are burdened with learning a new language, new laws, new social customs. While learning all this, they still have to find the time to secure housing, food, and schooling for their children. This does not even factor in the renewed vigor of discrimination many minorities are facing on a regular basis. Without individuals like Peter Nyberg, navigating complex financial affairs would be all but impossible for new immigrants.

In it Together

It is important to note that no one has all the right answers. Immigration is a complex topic, and certainly, one that needs to be approached with sensitivity, patience, empathy, discretion, and discernment. The most important thing to remember is that no matter where we are from, what differences we have, we ultimately must all share the same Earth, as we are on this roller coaster of a ride together. Peter Nyberg and others like him are helping to bridge the knowledge gap for immigrants. This important and often overlooked civic service is helping marginalized groups such as Hispanic immigrants become a part of the political and financial conversation. Fiscal literacy is an essential aspect of education, especially in capitalist-driven economies and countries such as America.

One of the best things about the actions of individuals like Peter Nyberg, is that they act as an example, a flashpoint for larger social change. Many feel it is uncouth to speak candidly about finances. This sort of social stigma can be damaging, as it does not promote an environment that fosters and encourages learning. America on its own has plenty of financial problems that a willing and educated working class is more than equipped to fix, but it starts with education. Fiscal literacy is an excellent form of civic service that helps everyone win. Immigrants properly educated can contribute more to the American economy, encouraging more open immigration policies. A win for one is a win for all!

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