Exercise has long been associated with enhancing our mood, reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, and social withdrawal, emotions that have impacted all people to a certain extent during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mental benefits, coupled with the physical bonuses, such as superior endurance, increased energy, weight loss, and lowered cholesterol levels, make routine exercising an absolute necessity, particularly with lockdown measures testing everyone’s fortitude. 

Peter Nyberg, an ardent tennis player who also enjoys walking and hiking, provides a few activities that will ensure you reap sufficient physical benefits while also supporting your mental health. 

Walking, Jogging and Hiking

Many gym facilities remain closed, but you can move your physical efforts into the fresh air outdoors, Peter Nyberg states. Walking can be performed leisurely and it is a wonderful way to unwind mentally. When you become eager to switch it up or speed it up, you can alternate between jogging and hiking, as both are terrific for improving stamina. With the wide-open environment that completely contrasts the cramped quarters often experienced in a gym, you could even run with a friend or two, since there is plenty of room to respect social distancing guidelines. 

Water Works

Recognizing that exercising on land can get tedious after some time, Peter Nyberg recommends going for a dip, whether it is in a pool or nearby body of water. Swimming, a full-body exercise that awakens all muscle groups, is a great escape avenue from the scorching heat of summer months. There are several other water activities you can do including kayaking, paddle boarding, and canoeing, each capable of tiring out your arms quicker than you’d believe. Use this time to explore and appreciate the wealth of water sports and activities that are out there. 

Build Your Own Gym

This one doesn’t necessarily involve you purchasing various pieces of equipment that are monstrous, though you will be applauded for such dedication. Peter Nyberg suggests that you search online for ideas relating to home workout routines because many of the tutorials incorporate little to no weights or equipment. You can target your core muscles easily, concentrate on aerobic fitness, and, when weights are needed, find some household items to creatively utilize. Bodyweight workouts, like burpees, squats, lunges, yoga, and pushups, are executed without any equipment, integrating a multitude of movements that exercise the entire body. Also, certain fitness influencers offer live streams for their exercises, adding a community and group element that creates further appeal. 

Bicycling and Rollerblading

Bike riding and rollerblading are perfect solutions for those who wish to pick up the pace, cover more ground in their outdoor exercising and accelerate their heart rate. Your legs will certainly feel the burn, especially if you are battling the wind’s forces or moving uphill, and you are bound to work up a significant sweat. So, pump up those tires and rotate the wheels, because that antiquated bike or long-forgotten pair of rollerblades now suddenly has a massive purpose in helping your physical and mental health amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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