One of the clear signs of effective leadership is the ability to inspire confidence in the workplace personnel, motivating people to come into work for more than a paycheck because they are fully invested in the company’s efforts. 

Although all individuals are expected to find a certain level of motivation through their own process, successful management is capable of providing encouragement by creating an environment that naturally helps develop such an inner drive.

Peter Nyberg, the chief financial officer at the Camino Community Center who is constantly searching for ways to boost staff spirits, lists a few valuable tips that will keep employee morale soaring. 

Be Diligent in Your Hiring and Decisions

Businesses often employ people in roles that, for a variety of reasons, do not suit them. This lackadaisical, shortsighted approach can largely diminish a person’s determination because management is essentially putting a round peg into a square hole, preventing someone from reaching their complete potential. Instead of moving people from one unpleasant department to the next, assign ideal positions that serve their strengths, demonstrating that you care and galvanizing them. At the Camino Community Center, Peter Nyberg is committed to getting off on the right foot with employees, ensuring that they are immediately put in a position that allows them to flourish. 

“We try to identify where staff members would best fit into the organization,” he said. “We would like to have them in a position where they would be most passionate. In a non-profit, you have many really great people, but they are usually multitasking and often asked to work on projects that might not be in their area of interest or expertise. Part of my assessment was to try to evaluate each person’s strength, skills, and interest to better utilize our resources. The happier they are, the more passionate and productive they will be in their work.”

Personalize Your Practices

Just as you would be judicious in offering fitting roles to staff members, customizing the motivational approach for each individual is another tactic recommended by Peter Nyberg. Everyone has distinct circumstances, backgrounds, and experiences, so you will need to tinker your method for each employee. Some will be quite skillful in their self-motivating methods, while others will demand extra attention. Altering your strategy is further proof that you care about your personnel, an indicator that will only stimulate them. 

Praise Their Contributions

When someone is excelling in the workplace and making a difference, be the first to express your appreciation for their efforts. Recognizing their performance will fuel their desire to continue raising the bar, something that is going to elevate your organization’s overall reputation. You don’t want to be the last person to congratulate an employee months after the fact and decrease their morale. 

Peter Nyberg on Internal Promotions and Advancement

Since you’ve already been prudent in discovering each worker’s particular assets, you can assist in advancing their career, Peter Nyberg states. Whether that is through a promotion or supplemental training, you can secure their future as a devoted member of your staff. Investing in an employee’s ascension will strengthen their confidence, both in the company’s aspirations and how they perceive their own importance. 

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