With nine world series championships under their belt, the Boston Red Sox are a force to be reckoned with in Major League Baseball, especially in recent years. But they also have a history of being home teams to some of baseball’s most famous players like Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. While Ruth spent time on other teams as well, he and Williams flourished at Fenway. More recent players like Tim Wakefield and David Ortiz also found success playing for the Red Sox. So, what is it about this Boston team that attracts, retains, and builds the careers of some of baseball’s most talented players?

“The training,” answers Peter Schieffelin Nyberg, Chief Financial Officer at the Camino Community Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Nyberg is a Yale University graduate who has spent the majority of his career as an entrepreneur with a passion for sports. As a businessman with experience growing a company during the dot-com boom, he now advises Chief Executive Officer Rusty Price as the Camino Community Center experiences similar growing pains as his past businesses. The community center is expanding to accommodate more members of its community of low-income and underserved individuals, primarily Latino immigrants, with Nyberg spearheading its financial interests.

They Always Go the Extra Mile

For Peter Nyberg, impeccable team coaching and management, combined with strict training and game schedules, has been the Red Sox’s recipe for success. In the off-season, the team participates in Florida’s Grapefruit League, which offers players the chance to practice under slightly less pressure while fans are encouraged to attend. This year, the team started out with a game against Northeastern University in February and finished off with a matchup with the Atlanta Braves on March 24th. Spring training is an opportunity for the players of the Red Sox to show coaches and management what they are made of, says Nyberg. For more junior players, it’s an especially important time as spring training statistics are frequently used to assign starting roles for the official season. Even though the matches do not matter to the official season, Boston ensures that their players are all treating every game like they do.

Excellent Coaching 

No team would improve without competent coaching. After last year’s sign stealing scandal, Ron Roenicke has taken on the role of interim manager for the 2020 season. Peter Nyberg believes that he is the perfect choice for the job and hopes that Roenicke’s position will become more permanent after the investigations into the scandal are completed. But he has big shoes to fill as Alex Cora parts ways with the team, the first Puerto Rican manager to lead a team to World Series victory in 2018. 

Major League Baseball teams offer great inspiration to many of the patrons at Camino Community Center. As a New Englander, the Red Sox are particularly close to Peter Schieffelin Nyberg’s heart. While he has enjoyed great success in his career, he still remembers his very first position as a teacher and sports coach at a private boarding school with fondness. Now, bringing his business acumen and love for sport together, Nyberg hopes to draw motivation from the Red Sox’s success and winning formula to lead Camino Community Center to similar greatness.

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